Connectivity goes first

Autumn is the time for networking on conferences and we have some observations to share.

To start with, here is Rakia Reynolds shares insights in her YEC post on Forbes:

"Not all conference experiences are created equal".

We agree, but the most valuable benefit we think she misses.

Don't you think that between quality content preparation, comfort and competent event organizing and studying engagement metrics & analytics, there is a one more important process? Yes, and it's called Connectivity.

Connectivity – is a substance that helps receive, perceive, understand and share knowledge and experience as the product of content in particular and event generally. Do not lock yourself only on slides and lectures – the whole event needs to be buzzed about. And people meet each-other during the conference [Yes, I knew it!], here we have the proof-link from TechCrunch that Mike Butcher (@mikebutcher) decided to literally:

"...just sit in one place and not move".

Mike Butcher: "You can meet me just outside the Speaker Lounge, by the Centre Stage, just by “Speakers Registration” on the above map (marked with the orange bubble)"

"You can meet me just outside the Speaker Lounge, by the Centre Stage, just by “Speakers Registration” on the above map (marked with the orange bubble)."

Ok, so:

  • Was it easy to draw search for the appropriate map?
  • The map needed a navigation;
  • Search: was Mike really been sitting in one place, or some buddy was unlucky and haven't met him eventually?

How can all these tasks be improved for every human to get +100 to connectivity between others? We all have mobile devices, and event apps are on their way to be installed on every ones' and with this goes a great opportunity to share the data of the conference in subject. All people of one conference share:

  • One interactive map of buildings and floors with indoor navigation to booths, cafes and meeting rooms;
  • Possibility to be visible on others' map on the same conference (friends, contacts, groups);
  • Meetup agendas and availability to make short chats and organize flash-meetings.

Assume Mike opens the map, searches for the spot to "just sit on" and creates a record in his agenda:

  • time: 1pm to 3pm,
  • title: "To everyone: come say hi",
  • note: "Apologies in advance, but I would kindly ask that you literally talk to me for 2 minutes maximum, exchange business cards, and we can follow up later, thanks all!"
  • and set status: Visible for all.

Finally all content makers & business people want the level of user engagement, and to help it grow we should invest in connectivity for sure, as we do at Evecon.

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